Friday, 30 December 2016

US slaps sanctions on Russia

The Obama administration announced sweeping new measures against Russia on Thursday in retaliation for what U.S. officials have characterized as interference in this fall’s presidential election, ordering the expulsion of Russian “intelligence operatives” and slapping new sanctions on state agencies and individuals suspected in the hacks of U.S. computer systems. The response, unveiled just weeks before President Obama leaves office, culminates months of internal debate over how to react to Russia’s election-year provocations. In recent months, the FBI and CIA have concluded that Russia intervened repeatedly in the 2016 election, leaking damaging information in an attempt to undermine the electoral process and help Donald Trump take the White House. Dec. 29

As  Obama takes retaliatory steps for alleged Russian interference in the US elections, we notice that transit Saturn [21sa] is making an exact opposition to radix Mars [21ge] in the US Sibly. Transits to national charts can bring out surprising details that can explain the reason behind events. Here Mars is conjunct the star Al Hecka and the asteroid Ophelia and placed in the 7th house which governs international relationships.

Al Hecka, Zeta Taurus, the south horn, is of stalemates, standoffs, and brick walls—fighting old and antiquated crusades—particularly of a religious-political nature—and blindly or automatically continuing the fight out of habitual pattern even though the original purpose behind what we were fighting for is long gone. Al Hecka can express as beating one’s head against the wall, a relentless and futile pursuit. This is the true bullhead few degrees of Taurus, which can produce one who is driven, insistent, contentious, even forceful.  Al Hecka brings attention to when the accomplishment pursued is of a time no longer applicable—the time to surrender the physical struggle and move onward into a field of mutual cooperation.

The asteroid Ophelia is defined by Martha Wescott as follows:

OPHELIA: A point of over-reaction and counterproductive reactions (linked to mistrust of one’s value to others and concern about deception.)

Therefore Mars with the asteroid Ophelia delineates as:
Overreaction and counterproductive anger.

With Mars square Neptune in US Sibly, folks are angry because they suspect someone has done something behind their back. Besides their action is hopeless or comes too late to change things.

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