Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Abolish the CIA

Every American who looks at the CIA objectively or in a balanced way and judges it by any number of criteria, such as moral, legal and pragmatic, should reach the conclusion that the CIA should be abolished. JFK wanted to break it into a million pieces. Trump is right to dismiss its intelligence reports about DNC hacking. The CIA war on Trump shows us immediately that the CIA is a rogue organization within the U.S. government and a severe threat to America.  The CIA is an internal threat to the rule of law and to the government that it supposedly serves. Senator Schumer acknowledges the CIA’s unbridled power, its subversive power, its power to undermine even a president, especially one that wishes to control or alter the organization.  Jan.16 http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2017/january/16/abolish-the-cia/

The horoscope of the CIA is provided by Astro-Databank [1].  The interaction of  the asteroid Arachne on the MC with Atlantis on the Ascendant describes the organization perfectly – a network of spies! [2]

ARACHNE: creation of intrigue and entanglement; entrapment; network.
ATLANTIS: invasions of privacy; access to inside or confidential information; abuse of resources.

Transit Pluto is currently square the Ascendant. Ascendant is our persona – the mask we wear and show to the world. Transit Pluto square the  Ascendant can suggest the need for the mask to break at one point, so that a different identity can emerge, perhaps one that reflects more of our inner truth. It is a time when our identity goes through an empowering transformation, in effect making us a different person. Steven Forrest describes this transit as a “season of unmasking”.

Usually, when we are going through a powerful Pluto transit, the cosmos will send our way someone who will rip off our false mask. In this case Donald Trump appears to have been given that task. How can we tell? Well for one thing, his current solar arc Pluto [17li] is conjunct the CIA Ascendant so he is sort of chosen to perform the Pluto job of unmaking the CIA or cutting it to size!

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