Thursday, 19 January 2017

Celebrity Bear Debuts at Finnish Art Gallery

Earlier this week, an art gallery in the Finnish capital Helsinki swung open its doors and invited art connoisseurs to a collection of works by an unconventional artist: namely, a 17-year-old brown bear named Juuso who weighs over half a ton (nearly 500 kg). The exhibition in the Rupla art gallery in Helsinki features eleven original works and a number of impressions and is called "Strong and Soft Brushstrokes." In reality, Juuso makes use of his natural talent and especially his paws as brushes. Some of the paintings still boast traces of the bear's fur.  Jan. 19

The news about  Juuso comes during the Disseminating Moon phase of Jan. 16. A chart drawn for the Moon phase at Helsinki is shown here. On the MC is the star Dubhe of the Great Bear while exactly conjunct the Ascendant in declination is the star Spica, the determinant star of the Indian Lunar Mansion Chitra which translates as a painting or work of art!

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