Saturday, 14 January 2017

Frozen Fox preserved in block of ice

A hunter in Germany has displayed a fox which froze inside a block of ice to warn people of the dangers of the icy Danube river. The fox is thought to have fallen into the river and drowned before quickly freezing. Franz Stehle put the animal on display outside his family's hotel in Fridingen, on the upper reaches of the Danube. Jan. 13

The strange news of a frozen fox comes just a day after the Jan.12 Full Moon which is aligned with the meridian at Fridingen forming a Grand Cross with Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto.

On the MC [23cp] is the star 1 Vulpecula [25cp] in the constellation of the Fox [1]! The Full Moon itself [22cn] is conjunct the star Pollux, beta Geminorum which in ancient China was part of the asterism Pe Ho, the Northern River. Finally we note that trine the MC is the TNP Admetus which among others stands for literal cold [2], here Ice!!

To complete the picture, on the MC is the asteroid Icarus conjunct Pluto square Uranus. In his Combination of Stellar Influences among the various expressions of Uranus-Pluto Ebertin lists: “daring and also foolhardiness, the tendency to strive for new things”. And the asteroid Icarus is delineated by Martha Wescott [2] as under:

ICARUS: Escapes that are careless of consequences; desire to “get outta’ here;” the fast break impulse; attraction to speed, danger or risk.

So in the essence, the fox was careless and bit off more than he could chew!! Might there be a symbolic message here?

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