Sunday, 15 January 2017

Full Moon Wake Brings Air and Boat accidents

A Turkish cargo plane from Hong Kong has crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing at least 32 people, most of them on the ground, say officials. The Boeing 747 crashed into homes near Manas airport, about 25km (15 miles) north of the capital, Bishkek, the Kyrgyz government said. At least 15 buildings were damaged and a number of children are reported to have been among those killed. The flight was making a stopover in Manas en route to Istanbul in Turkey.  Jan 16

On 14 January 2017, a boat carrying more than 40 passengers capsized in the Ganges in the Indian city of Patna, Bihar, killing 24 people. The boat was about to reach the bank when it capsized. The boat was returning from a kite-flying festival on an island in the middle of the Ganges, as part of the Makar Sankranti celebration in the city of Patna. The small boat, which was overloaded with passengers was about to reach the bank when it capsized. The boat's capacity was 30 people, but estimates from local officials placed its actual load at 40 to 50.

Two accidents, one air and the other boat, can be traced to the ripples created in space-time continuum by the powerful Full Moon of Jan.12. Notice that the charts for the Full Moon at both the places are identical with the Full Moon Cross straddling the horizon axis. When looking at any chart with a complex configuration we need to remember that energies can manifest just as themselves, in combinations with one, two, three or more energies. With this in mind let us look at each accident in turn.

Turkish Air Accident

Uranus-Pluto in the Full Moon square can manifest as “sudden accidents” (Ebertin). With Sun on the descendant is the asteroid Icarus that is linked to aircrafts or flights. So it is easy to spot an aircrash in the chart.

Patna Boat Accident

While Uranus-Pluto is still referring to a “sudden accident” here some other energies are combining to produce a boat accident. Uranus is conjunct the star Baten Kaitos in the constellation of Cetus, the Sea-Monster often found in ship wrecks and water related disasters. On the Ascendant is the star Pollux, beta Geminorum which in ancient China was part of the asterism Pe Ho, the Northern River. So essentially all the elements are in place for a boat accident too.

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