Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Germany's War against Free Speech

It seems that all ideas suspected of being "populist" -- or simply those ideas without the blessing of the elites -- will now be banned in Germany. This restriction applies to criticism of the government (especially regarding immigration and energy policies), of the EU, of Islam, of government officials and of the media. As in communist dictatorships, the more obvious the failings of the government, the more aggressively the establishment attacks those who speak out about them. Jan. 24

In  the mundane horoscope of Germany [1], transit Saturn squares radix Mercury in the third house which rules the press and all means  of disseminating news and information.

Mercury conjoins the star Benetnasch. About this star Nick Fiorenza writes:

The Arabic name for Benetnasch is Alkaid, which means "the leader." Benetnasch expresses one of the classical seven rays. Benetnasch teaches that leadership is about facilitating the self-empowerment and freedom of others rather than about exerting manipulative force that controls others, mistaken as leadership and being in power.

Benetnasch expresses the old dictatorial and totalitarian stream of consciousness that was predominantly dominant when Earth's polar alignment was tilted (had fallen) furthest from the galactic plane in Earth's great precessional year (about 6000 years ago). Thus Benetnasch is of this long-established totalitarian governing paradigm--generally of a patriarchal nature. It is of political-religious factions of big business.

In addition, Saturn acting on Mercury is authority suppressing information.

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