Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hungarian camerawoman who kicked migrants sentenced

A Hungarian camerawoman who was filmed kicking or tripping up migrants near the Hungary-Serbia border has been sentenced to three years probation for disorderly conduct. Petra Laszlo was filming refugees in September 2015 as they broke through a police cordon. She was captured kicking two people as they fled, including a young girl. Later she appeared to trip a man carrying a child. She says she will appeal. Judge Illes Nanasi said Laszlo's behaviour "ran counter to societal norms" and rejected her defence lawyer's argument that she was trying to protect herself. She appeared in Szeged District Court hearing via video link and occasionally broke into tears. She said she had received death threats since the incident and that had been subjected to a "hate campaign".  Ja.12

The Szeged District Court judgement was delivered just a day after the Full Moon. On January 12, the Sun also completed a square to Jupiter just a few hours before the Full Moon. A chart for the Sun-Jupiter square drawn for Szeged brings Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross to the meridian implying that this was one place where its energy was being fully felt.

The combination of Uranus and Pluto serve to advance major social, cultural, political, scientific, and technological breakthroughs. Whenever Uranus and Pluto come together in any hard aspect we witness a period of increased societal unrest, during which issues of human rights and social welfare are addressed. On the mental plane, the revolutionizing influence of Uranus liberates the crystallized consciousness (Capricorn) and the structural realities that underlie modern societies and modern life. Eventually we  learn to shift from a consciousness that is primarily defined by a false sense of separateness and that pits one against another. The presence of Jupiter in the mix advocates for fairness in all human relationships. It is time to embrace compassion, love, and inclusion, rather than hate and fear.

The stars that form the backdrop to the Moon [18cn] in the Grand Cross add further clarity to the picture. Here the Moon is conjunct lambda Pollux [19cn] in Pollux’s right hand which holds a club. Castor and Pollux are Twins. Diana Rosenberg writes, “there are racial issues here (including theories of race superiority) and issues of brotherhood vs intolerance, hatred and coldness; “macho” brutality vs compassion. The less evolved are impatient, intolerant, bad tempered and unscrupulous; some are downright cruel. Under the influence of tropical Cancer they tend to be conservative, reluctant to accept change; longing for a return to traditional values, they are protective of all that has gone before”.

But paradoxically also here is the star nu Puppis [17cn]of  the Celestial Ship Argo. This brings in a  conflict between the Cancerian need for security and the adventurousness of the Twins often referred to as Argonauts. This implies that there are choices to be made between attempting to conserve existing cultures, values and mores or being open to new attitudes. Notice how elegantly the problem mentioned in the news is highlighted by  the intolerant photographer Lazlo (Pollux with club) possibly angry at the danger of erosion of Hungarian values  and the immigrants (Argo) bringing in new values.

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