Monday, 30 January 2017

Trump is about to hammer the Federal Reserve

Back in October of 2015 I wrote a post titled De-Fang the Federal Reserve – The Conspiracy on How the Fed is Being Integrated into the Multilateral Framework. It served as a summary of how the Fed acted as the global central bank almost from its inception in 1913 and how this would change in the lead up to a multilateral monetary framework.

The most obvious point is a changing role for the Federal Reserve.  In a multilateral world it will no longer be required to serve the function as an international central bank providing access to a reserve asset. The Fed will be transformed to focus on domestic concerns while the international mandates begin to transition to an institution like the International Monetary Fund and the SDR asset.

In the 2015 post on the Fed I referenced something called the Centennial Monetary Commission which was tasked with defining changes to the Federal Reserve’s roles and responsibilities.  This study has now been completed and the recommendations are being made.

This is very big news and completely in line with what Trump has been promising in his election speeches. But let us look at the chart for the Fed to see if we can spot this big change.  Notice that Pluto is transiting opposite the Ascendant-Mars conjunction in the Fed’s chart. This is a rare and extremely important transit.

In his essay Pluto Ascendant Aspect: Becoming A Different Person, Hiroki Niizato explains how a transit of Pluto to the Ascendant can change us completely:

Ascendant is our persona – the mask we wear and show to the world. Because it always opposes the Descendant (the 7th house cusp), Ascendant represents what others will see and identify as our unique personality. Transit or Natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant can suggest the need for the mask to break at one point, so that a different identity can emerge, perhaps one that reflects more of our inner truth.

Pluto’s opposition to radix Mars often show up as external circumstances that block us making it impossible to proceed in the reckless direction that we have been heading. Since the crisis of 2007-8, the Fed has been pursuing a reckless monetary policy that has had disastrous consequences for the US and the world economy [1].

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