Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Carpathian sheepdog puppies join new flock

Carpathian shepherd dogs have been reintroduced to the Zarand Landscape Corridor to guard livestock and help mitigate human-wildlife conflict in Romania. These special puppies have been provided to shepherds in areas where sheep are frequently attacked by wolves. The puppies are Carpathian shepherd dogs, an ancient breed originating from the Carpathian Mountains and symbolic of traditional Romania. More importantly, these dogs are born with an innate instinct to safeguard the livestock they are put in charge of and are not afraid of predators such as wolves and bears.  Feb. 6 http://www.fauna-flora.org/news/working-with-wolves-sheepdog-puppies-join-new-flock/

The Zarand Landscape Corridor traverses the Arad county of Romania. We have shown here the sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart for Arad, Romania which would be more or less valid for the entire Corridor. Notice that the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square straddles the horizon axis. The Ascendant and Jupiter are conjunct the stars Spica of Virgo and Arcturus of Bootes. The news about the introduction of the Carpathian shepherd dogs comes just as Jupiter turns station retro on the Ascendant.

The constellation Bootes was often depicted as a shepherd. To the Arabs he was Al Haris al Sama, Protector of Heaven and Al Haris al Samak, Protector of the Defenceless One. The idea of Bootes as a Herdsman fits his nearness to the Pole, which the Arabs saw as a sheepfold. Olcott writes that the Greeks called this constellation Lycaon from lychos, “a wolf”. However, to the Hebrews he was the “Barking Dog”. This again goes back to the Arabian polar sheepfold with a flock, a shepherd, his guardian dog and a lurking wolf!

The puppies have been provided through the European Commission’s funded LIFE Connect Carpathians (LCC) project as part of Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and Asociatia Zarand’s work to reduce the levels of conflict between livestock owners and Romania’s large carnivores. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition here refers to a fortunate new idea that helps solve an old problem.

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