Saturday, 4 February 2017

EU leaders round on Trump

European leaders launched a series of attacks on Donald Trump over his anti-EU rhetoric on Friday, accusing him of a lack of respect, as Theresa May’s attempts to position herself as a bridge with the new US president were roundly rejected at a summit in Malta. Trump’s conduct was scorned by prime ministers and presidents, with the French leader, François Hollande, warning there would be no future for Europe’s relations with the US “if this future isn’t defined in common”.

What is a Davison relationship chart?
The Davison relationship chart [DRC] was named for Ronald C. Davison (1914-1985), author and president of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society of London.  The date and time can be determined by calculating the day that lies exactly between the natal charts of those involved. The same principle is also applied to the times of birth. If the individuals involved have different places of birth a combined "place of birth" is calculated by taking the average values of latitude and longitude.
Even if the combined place of birth is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the DRC is still a concrete horoscope for a specific time, place, and location which can, like any natal chart, be used as a basis to calculate solar return charts, progressions and the effect of transits.

Shown here is the Davison Relationship Chart (DRC) for Donald Trump and the EU. The data for the two charts are available at references [1] and [2]. The table below gives the current solar arc directions of the progressed Ascendant in the DRC.

Donald Trump - Natal
 EU - Natal - Relationship - Davison
 23 Mar 1952, 6:56:59 pm, GMT +0:00
 Midpoint in Space, 45°N45'44'', 034°W44'11''
Selection: Solar Arc Dirns planets

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date            
Asc (3)         Cnj                 Mar (3)        (X)                  Sa-Co            19 Nov 2016                 
Asc (3)         Sqr                 Plu (12)      (X)                  Sa-Co            20 Nov 2017                 
*** END REPORT ***

The progressed solar arc Ascendant is triggering the Mars-Pluto-Zeus-Kronos T-square. This is an explosive combination that can involve power struggles between leaders (Kronos) which is exactly what is happening between Trump and the EU leaders.

The meeting of EU leaders in the Maltese capital, Valletta took place just a day before the the First Quarter Moon which occurs on February 4 in sidereal Aries. About the quarter Moon, Nick Fiorenza writes:

Conjoining stars include Menkar of Cetus, Tish of Cassiopeia, Almach of Andromeda, and Alpha Horologium. The theme of Aries the Ram is about the initiatory challenges that continually create obstacles and limitations across life's path as we seek to personal attainment in life. These obstacles, often created by our righteous attitudes of arrogance, create painful and repetitive lessons in the fires of life about that very thing—pride, arrogance, and greed—lessons that ultimately produce the alchemical honing of self. The lessons of Aries awaken us from our denial and naiveté regarding how arrogance and greed create our own entrapment in the Jaws of Cetus—the jaws continually pulling us into the transmutational fires of human experience.

But as always, our attention should also be drawn to planetary combinations that aspect the angles. Here we find the Jupiter- Uranus-Pluto T-square straddling the horizon axis.  Keyphrases for Uranus-Pluto sum up what is happening between EU and Trump while the stars conjoining the Moon provide the deeper reason behind the problem…”righteous attitudes of arrogance” !

Uranus-Pluto: unexpected reactions based on resentments, compulsion, ultimatums or threats to control; power struggle between friends; individuals can disconnect or distance themselves from others as a form of control or out of fear of being powerless of and giving others an edge over them; to be aware of social disruption or events within friendship in connection with shared resources.

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