Sunday, 5 February 2017

First Evidence Universe is a Hologram Uncovered


the Northern Triangle

Scientists have come up with the sort of idea that’s normally only found by exploring ‘inner space’ with the aid of hard drugs – that our entire universe is a ‘vast and complex hologram’. In other words, everything we see is an illusion, and our world is actually a two-dimensional hologram rather than a 3D space, sort of like watching a 3D film, according to University of Southampton researchers.  Jan.30

The Capricorn Ingress chart holds a special place of importance in mundane astrology. Many astrologers look upon it as the annual chart and use its daily progressions to understand the reason behind events. Shown here is the Capricorn Ingress chart for Southampton progressed to Jan 30, the date of the news. Notice that the Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto T-square aligns with the meridian. In our last post we saw that this combination is linked with scientific breakthroughs so in the light of this, the new discovery should not be surprising.   

However, the original  idea behind the discovery being reported  comes from the possibility of unity behind our “black-and-white” duality based world.  On the Ascendant [12ta] of the progressed chart is the star beta Triangulum. Explaining this constellation, Nick Fiorenza writes:

 Triangulum, sometimes called the Holy Trinity, is a golden triangular channel that embodies the essence of seeing unity beyond duality. To free Andromeda from human bondage, gallant Perseus, while flying over Cetus on Pegasus, holds his sight upon Triangulum so as to not be pulled into the dramatics of the fear-based drama of human world. Triangulum is the gate of ascension through the initiation of the fire of sidereal Aries. Beta Triangulum teaches the way and Apin, Alpha Triangulum, the channel, reveals the way to ascend above the dilemma of duality--to be pure light free from the bounds of fear-based primitive mind. Apin's message is "Let Thine Eye be Single," and asks us to see that the one and only issue to overcome is our judgment of right and wrong, of white and black. As long as we carry judgment of this over that, we are lured into the dramatics of the affairs at hand. Only by surrendering our judgment can we see solution beyond the apparently impossible and act beyond the entrapment of the fear instilling, opposing, and tormenting forces comprising collective human consciousness (Cetus). Apin inspires unbiased action from unity consciousness. To live in unity consciousness is to live beyond the judgments that create separation. Conflict exists in the double-banded DNA that makes us bio-logical beings. Bio-logical refers to the limited capacity of reason, of comparing opposites, the shadows of life. We must let our bio-logic stop, to get out of judgmental mind to see an illumined way. This is to open the third eye that sees only unity, the oneness of all things, to see the world as the undulating ocean of light that it is and through which we can move without resistance. The relinquishment of judgmental mind establishes the resonance that opens a higher vibrational portal beyond the limited choices that duality holds.

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