Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hanjin Shipping files for bankruptcy

Hanjin Shipping used to be one of the world's top 10 shipping companies. But now it faces the final curtain. Friday is the deadline for the firm to be declared bankrupt by a South Korean court after months of uncertainty. Hanjin's collapse is the largest to hit the shipping sector and it sent shockwaves through the industry.  Feb.17

Nicholas Campion,  in his "The Book of World Horoscopes," provides the mundane horoscope of South Korea [1]. The current solar arc progressions for the chart are as below:

Dynamic Chart (2):
 South Korea - Natal Chart
 15 Aug 1948, 12:00 pm, JST -9:00
 Seoul South Korea, 37°N33', 126°E58'
Selection: Solar Arc Dirns planets

P1 (H)    Asp        P2 (H)                              Type      Date         Pos1                        Pos2   

Jup (10)    Opp       Sat (4)   (X)          Sa-Na    Aug 2016     25°Aq33' D          25°Le33' D
Jup (10)    Sqq        Nep (5) (X)          Sa-Na    Jan 2017      25°Aq58' D          10°Li58' D

*** END REPORT ***

A Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune combination is linked to financial disasters and bankruptcy most often because of overextension. But solar arc progressions can be looked upon as the “hour-hand” of the cosmic clock. On February 12, the Full Moon eclipse [22le] fell on the radix Sun [22le] – Saturn [25le] conjunction. In addition the Disseminating Moon[11li] occurring on February 15 conjoined radix Neptune [11li] amid the stars Minkar and Gienah of Corvus. Diana Rosenberg links these stars to “financial collapses”. But why did this collapse affect a shipping company? Well for one thing Jupiter and  Neptune are linked to the sea and shipping.

Finally we add a point from Uranian Astrology in which we also look at transits of midpoints as they affect charts. The Disseminating Moon [11li] was opposite the current Pluto-Hades midpoint [11ar]. Martha Wescott interprets Pluto-Hades as “problems and decline through debt, reliance on credit and loss of integrity”.

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