Sunday, 19 February 2017

Mars and the Bhiwandi Fire

BHIWANDI: Four people died and two persons were injured in a major fire that took place in a factory in Bhiwandi on Sunday afternoon. Fire official Rajesh Pawar said fire is under control now and cooling work is on. Pawar confirmed about four workers' death who were inside, adding the two injured were shifted to the hospital. The incident took place in Dapoda village in Bhiwandi, which is known for warehouses in Bhiwandi.

In our last post entitled “Mars triggers world events,” in which we identified several world events being “caused”  by Mars transiting over the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square, we wrote:

In mundane astrology we can make charts for the exact aspects that Mars makes with Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. If any one or more of these charts carry the T-square in aspect to the horizon or meridian, those places will feel the full effect of the T that we have described above. But this is not the only way, the energy of the powerful T-square is released. Should a Moon phase bring the T-square to an alignment with the angles at any place that too can serve as a trigger.

The Bhiwandi fire serves as one case where today’s last quarter Moon phase not only activates the T but anchors it to the angles. Notice that on the descendant opposite the quarter Moon is the TNP Admetus:

ADMETUS: dealing with raw materials , packaging, inventory and storage

The news adds that the fire took place in a warehouse!

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