Monday, 20 February 2017

Meteora: Greece's spectacular monasteries in the sky

High above the Meteora landscape in Greece's central region, 60 monks and nuns live in fabled monasteries perched on the edge of sandstone peaks. In centuries past, their place of worship brought them solitude and protection from unwanted trespassers. Feb. 20

CNN is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The article  on Meteora was published on Feb. 20, in the last quarter Moon phase. In the chart for the Moon phase at Atlanta, notice that the Sun which has just entered Pisces is placed in the 9th house linked to religious orders. Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac is associated with hermitages or monasteries to which men and women from the world withdraw  in order to meditate, pray, and pursue a mystical and introverted direction.

Next we notice that the Sun-Moon complete a Grand Cross with the nodes and the TNP Admetus which itself aspects the Ascendant-TNP Kronos conjunction. The delineation for the TNP combination provided by Martha Wescott is as below:

Kronos-Admetus: isolated locations; mountain retreats [1].

[1] The Orders of Light; Martha Lang Wescott; p.115

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