Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The former sex worker who set up a retirement home

After years of working the streets of Mexico City, Carmen Munoz wondered what happened to sex workers like her when they got old - so she campaigned to set up a retirement home. It was on the historic Plaza Loreto in Mexico City - surrounded by buildings that date back to the 16th Century - that Carmen Munoz set out on her path as a sex worker. She had come to the city looking for work and had been told that the priest at the Santa Teresa la Nueva Church sometimes found jobs for domestic workers.  Jan 31

Often charts made for exact planetary aspects will bring to focus on the angles those configurations that speak loudly of an event occurring at that place. The news comes exactly on the day Mercury makes an exact square with Uranus. Notice that a chart drawn for Mercury-Uranus square at Mexico City brings the Venus-Mars-Saturn-TNP Cupido square to the angles. Venus-Mars is prominent in associations based purely on sex. Liz Greene has linked the prostitute with the Venus-Saturn combination [1]. With prostitution we can see the association of time (Saturn) with love and money (Venus), love (Venus) with cold mechanical performance (Saturn) etc. Of course Venus-Saturn also adds a reminder of older or retired (Saturn) women (Venus).

Now all that is left is the TNP Cupido for which a keyword is house or place of residence so that the news is really contained in the elements highlighted by the chart.

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