Saturday, 4 February 2017

The man with a titanium chest

A British man has successfully been fitted with a 3D printed titanium sternum in Birmingham, UK. While across the world, doctors in Hong Kong have 3D printed an ankle bone for the victim of a motorcycle accident. The British patient, Edward Evans was treated at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham. His story was covered recently in a TV series aired by the BBC entitled ‘Trust Me, I’m a doctor’. Edward lost his sternum as a result of an infection that was eating away at the bone. In order to restore the bone without causing another infection, doctors turned to an alternative method. The hospital used a 3D printed titanium implant, a procedure only carried out once before. The metal implant was 3D printed by Australian’s Anatomics and CSIRO. The two were similarly involved in the first procedure of this kind two years ago. Feb. 2

The news of the marvelous technological breakthrough comes just a few days after the New Moon in Aquarius. A chart for the Moon phase at Birmingham, UK has the New Moon placed on the IC with Jupiter-Uranus opposition aligned with the horizon.

Jupiter’s () archetypal significance relates to expansion, exploration, optimism, elation, higher education, and the bigger picture, with a tendency to crown or bring out the best of whichever planetary archetype it touches. Uranus’s () archetypal significance relates to the revolutionary spirit of the scientific and innovative, the sudden and unexpected, or the rebellious and eccentric. Explored in depth in Richard Tarnas’ epic Cosmos and Psyche, the planetary alignment of Jupiter-Uranus consistently correlates with the achievement and sense of expansion (Jupiter) brought through new scientific/technological breakthroughs (Uranus).

On  the descendant  [25ar] with Uranus is the star Al Kurdah, Xi Cephei,[25ar] in the King’s chest!. Diana Rosenberg states that Cepheus sponsors brilliance and creative genius that alleviates the frustrations of Andromeda’s chains.

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