Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Venus retrograde signals doom for reserves across US

The New York Teamsters Road Carriers Local 707 Pension Fund has won the unfortunate award for "First Pension to Officially Run Out of Money."  According to the New York Daily News, and a host of angry former truck drivers who've had their pension benefits slashed, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC) has officially been forced to step in and take over payments to retirees of the Local 707, albeit at a much lower rate.  Feb. 28  https://goo.gl/1qrSpf

The many manifestations of the Jupiter-Uranus-Mars-Pluto T-square are beginning to bring about  political and social chaos; economic polarization; as well as panic, despair, confusion, anxiety, anger, and depression. With Venus stationing retrograde, the financial problem  which we always knew was there but managed to deny, consciously or unconsciously, self-medicating in as many ways as possible with the hope that it will just cure itself, can no longer be denied.

The chart for Venus station retrograde drawn for New York has the Jupiter-Uranus-Mars-Pluto T-square straddling the horizon. Not shown in the diagram, is the asteroid Phaethon [26ar] conjunct Mars [26ar], Uranus [22ar]  and Eris [23ar]. Let us recall that the asteroid Phaethon rules cars and other modes of transport which would include trucks and therefore point to truck drivers by association.

About this T-square Nick Fiorenza writes:

Mars conjoins Uranus and Eris opposite Jupiter and Haumea (now retrograde) just hours after the eclipse (Feb 27), triggering this long-standing and unprecedented planetary alignment. Eris, our warrior princess, uncovers, exposes and discloses our denials or what we are simply blind to see. She intercedes to open our eyes to a greater reality once hidden, forcing us to redefine our worldview, and to embark upon new paths accordingly. Uranus of course (teaming up with Eris), is the Great Awakener, impeller of radical and progressive change. Uranus breaks us from the conforming bounds of an antiquated past.

Going a step further, we notice that the Venus station [13ar] makes a square to the US Sibly Sun [13cn] in the 8th house serving to trigger the Sun [13cn] -Saturn[14li] aspect  which has been in the crosshairs of the current Uranus-Pluto square.

The 8th-house Cancer Sun squared to a 10th-house Libra Saturn in the USA’s July 4th, 1776 birth chart presents a revealing symbolic picture of many of the more disturbing paradoxes that reside at the heart of the American character. Basically, these boil down to conflicts between social justice, equality, and taking responsibility for one another’s welfare on the one hand, versus the ambition driven pursuit of wealth and power at any cost on the other. The near-simultaneous activation of the Sun-Saturn square by two outer planets is a momentous event in the astrological symbolism of America, signifying that whatever has been buried beneath our collective awareness will emerge into the clear light of day, and that this emergence will be eruptive, unexpected, and revolutionary in its repercussions. According to astrology, the status quo in America will be challenged, if not outright disrupted, forcing us to make changes in how we live. http://www.billherbst.com/Comm17.pdf

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