Saturday, 11 March 2017

America’s implosion through the lens of the US Sibly

The United States federal government in Washington is under attack today. Our nation's capital is presently under siege, not from military bombs or rockets fired by any foreign enemy but from powerful enemies within. With Obama-Hillary-Soros forces ostensibly maneuvering outside official government channels, against America's legitimately elected President Trump, and their loyalist foot soldiers - the neocons and intelligence community loyalists within the CIA/NSA/FBI still operating inside deep state, criminally conspiring with Mainstream Media, this sinister alliance is also organizing legions of clueless young leftist protesters to be at the ready for deployment in the streets to wreak havoc violently rioting as paid agitator insurgents. What we have here on our hands is an American Spring uprising, an insurgent regime change operation taking place right here in our own country currently bent on overthrowing America's existing "democratically elected" government.

Horoscopes can be surprisingly true. Solar progressions even for a chart as old as the Sibly can reveal details with precision that can stun. The progressed solar arc Sibly Sun [12pi] is currently square the Ascendant [12sa] and semisquare Pluto [27cp]. Actually the progressed Sun is touching off the Pluto-Hades square. And if we bring in the asteroids,  Pluto [27cp] is in hard aspect to asteroids Tisiphone [11ge]; Atropos [28cn]; Kron [14ta]. This entire pattern is therefore activated by the progressed Sun. The delineation below is provided by Martha Wescott. Readers will notice how accurately it describes the current political and economic scenario in the US.

Control needs and psychological complexity   can cause situations (and people) to "take a nose dive" (enter a  difficult period) ; to see degradation  attempts as a ploy for power or as "revenge;"
You will  certainly see that people can "behave badly" rather than deal with their  own emotional glitches, raw spots and "unhealthy" responses. 
I think you'll see close variations on the idea that power  corrupts, that some uses of power include "ugliness" (and a certain  amount of demeaning "the enemy,") and recognize that major changes can  require periods of extensive and extendING difficulty.  So the question  could arise: How "low" does one have to sink before they REALLY change?   And when things get truly tough, can a person RISE to the occasion?  Sometimes situations (and people!) have to "get  ugly" to gather sufficient energy for a real Purge!  And sometimes  things go to hell & there's nothing you can do about it.

There may be times when endings become  quite traumatic because a person doesn't feel as though they have  control or because others have acted behind their backs.  there are apt to be instances when "an ending" seems to open  the door to a lot of emotional crap (that comes gurgling up from the  depths of one's being...unwanted, unbidden, and as slick and slippery as  simmered okra.

You may also be aware  that people can carry grudges because they've been over-powered, out  smarted or manipulated--and that they react (and attempt to give the  offender a dose of his or her own medicine.)   You may be affected by a line of thinking that includes mass destruction  or "seeking to right wrongs" that either affects many people or is  enacted in a very destructive way.

People feel  more competent by diminishing another's rank or capability)...and times  when opinions, regardless of how authoritatively asserted, are based on  misapprehension, very little information, a key-hole view of a  situation-- or on an out and out fallacy. You'll also be more aware of criminal investigations, investigations in  government circles, sordid legal cases.
Watch too for the folks who go after people who are successful with some  "dirty tricks" up their sleeve Another way to say all this is THAT THERE IS DETERIORATION OF THE  EXECUTIVE FUNCTION .

Going a little further we note that Pluto [27cp] is conjunct the newly discovered object known as Deucalion [25cp] in the 2nd House of the Sibly.

Second House In Mundane Astrology:
The nation's assets and financial status. The treasury, the exchequer, revenue and all places and activities concerned with money-making; such as banks, the stock exchange, financial institutions, money markets and trade.

And Philip Sedgwick defines Deucalion as under:

Deucalion, like Varuna, carries the mythology of waters. Perhaps total cleansing is implied by
Deucalion. When toxicity, negativity and ill-willed behavior prevails, the time for the ultimate
spiritual bath appears. Symbolically, any water or cleansing ritual bears an affiliation with
Deucalion. In a more dense manner, Deucalion brings about necessary destruction followed by
resurrection, as seen by the cycle of nature’s floods and following regeneration of plants.
Reverting to the mundane associations of the Capricorn perihelion and Taurus node, the essence
of economic justice gains importance. Any situation of economic exploitation comes to light. 

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