Friday, 10 March 2017

Boris Johnson to visit Russia

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is to visit Moscow in coming weeks, the Foreign Office has announced.
His meetings will focus on the relationship between the UK and Russia, as well as issues involving Syria and Ukraine "where we continue to have significant differences", it said. The Foreign Office said the UK "will engage with Russia where it is in our national interest to do so". March 4;

This is an enormous foreign policy U-turn, one of the most definitive by any UK government in many years. The point is that there has been no face-to-face contact at this level since 2012 and that Johnson is going there; Sergei Lavrov, his opposite number, is not coming to London. The precedence is clear. It is the UK that has altered its position, not Russia. It is, therefore,  a move in the right direction that could play a small part in the making of a better world.

Shown here is the chart for the current solar eclipse of Feb. 26 drawn for London.  This South Node Solar Eclipse and the current lunar cycle, creates a powerful force to let go of constructs in our lives that no longer provide room for growth, movement and expansion. In other words, we have grown as far as the limits imposed by those constructs have permitted. It is now time to either begin to change those constructs so they can allow a greater level of growth, expansion and fulfillment, or to dismantle those constructs all together.

Notice that the eclipse is placed in the 8th house and anchored to the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square on the meridian. In the 8th house we accept the loss of elements of life that are no longer fruitful or have served their purpose. It is often referred to  as a house of inner transformation and growth. But it is only by facing our innermost fears are we able to overcome them and move on with the strength of experience and wisdom.

Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings. They  offer us an opportunity to leave behind old behaviors and belief systems. The eclipse is conjunct stars in the waters flowing from the Urn of Aquarius. Here the great Urn of Aquarius, with its eternally-flowing, all-forgiving waters of heaven, purifies and heals. Moreover, the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T-square promises a change in the old order if we are willing to meet others half-way (Jupiter in Libra). 

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