Thursday, 2 March 2017

Heavy Flood Uncovers Medieval Cemetery in Iran

In southern Iran, tablets and tombstones from the 13th-14th centuries were unearthed due to severe flooding that hit several Iranian provinces in mid-February. Seasonal flooding and the erosion of the riverbed of a local river, caused by recent heavy rains, revealed an old cemetery in the vicinity of a holy shrine in Jouyom, a town in Larestan County in Fars Province, Iranian Students News Agency reported. The information was confirmed by Khoshayar Shibani, the head of the local office of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism at a press conference. March 2

The co-ordinates of Jouyom, are not available. Since it is close to the city Lar, the capital of Larestan County, its co-ordinates are good enough for practical purposes. The news comes on a day that the Sun conjoined Neptune. A chart for this mundane event has the conjunction significantly placed on the Ascendant at Lars. The Sun and Neptune are placed among stars in the Waters pouring from Aquarius’ Urn symbolically referring to a deluge.  In ancient China, the same stars were part of the asterism Hiu-Liang which ruled graves, tombs, mausoleums and uninhabited places so together we have a deluge that uncovers a cemetery!

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