Friday, 3 March 2017

Indian Newlywed Cremated Alive

Mystery is surrounding the death of a young newlywed in India who was reportedly burned alive hours after a hospital declared her dead. Police pulled the body of 24-year-old Rachna Sisodia from a funeral pyre after her family told police that her husband had ordered the cremation to cover up an assault. According to medics, Sisodia died from a lung infection in Northern India at Sharda hospital located in Greater Noida in the Uttar Pradesh state. Devesh Chaudhary, her 23-year-old husband, took control of her body at around 1:30 a.m. local time (Feb.25), and, along with some friends, drove the corpse for two hours to Aligrah, where a funeral pyre was located. The cremation then began.

To understand the cosmic reason behind this tragic event, we look at the chart at Aligarh for the  mundane event Mars square Pluto  that took place on Feb. 22.  Readers will be aware that in the last week of February transit Mars triggered the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square.  Fundamentally unstable, when Uranus unites with Mars, their combined influence more often than not manifests as an explosive force. From a negative perspective,  and with Pluto in the mix that force can be a  violent  hate crime. Notice that the T-square straddles the horizon at Aligarh thereby suggesting that it had chosen this place for the release of its energy.

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