Thursday, 9 March 2017

Julian Assange – The Hero

The release of the much discussed Vault 7 has become a wake-up call for computer users and IT giants: this time WikiLeaks, an international non-profit organization founded by Julian Assange that publishes secret information from anonymous sources, has unveiled how the mighty CIA has been hacking the entire world.

Julian Assange [born 3 Jul 1971, 3:00 pm, AEST -10:00] has his natal Sun [10 Cancer]. The long term Pluto opposite TNPs Kronos-Hades transit  axis  which we delineated in the previous post has been going over his radix Sun for the past several years. It is no wonder that he has been confronting (Pluto)  governments  (Kronos) by disclosing their secrets (Hades).  In her book “The Orders of Light,” Martha Wescott  gives the following additional delineation for the combination.

Hades-Pluto:   to believe that  to achieve reunion with integrity a catharsis is needed…one must return to  the past and  confront the secrets of one’s history.

(Note:  Julian Assange has played an important role in pointing out to governments  and people in general that they will continue to see a decline (Hades) unless they  confront (Pluto) the  mistakes of the past. Those with birthdays close to July 3 may feel  the need for this kind of catharsis  in their personal lives.)

Going a step further , the current solar arc progressions for Assange are given in the table below:

Julian Assange - Natal Chart
 3 Jul 1971, 3:00 pm, AEST -10:00
 Townsville Australia, 19°S16', 146°E48'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Placidus Houses,  True Node

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns1

P1           Asp         P2                          Date                         Pos1                  Pos2   
Sun (10) Sqq         Tisiph     Sa-Na      16 Jun 2015        22°Le38' D            07°Cp38' R
Sun (10) Opp        Arachn     Sa-Na    19 Apr 2017         24°Le25' D            24°Aq25' R
Sun (10) SSq          Ura          Sa-Na     5 Jun 2017        24°Le32' D            09°Li32' D
Sun (10) Sxt           Atlant       Sa-Na    11 Mar 2019       26°Le14' D            26°Li14' D

Arachne/Atlantis: Invasion of privacy as a form of entrapment.
Arachne/Tisiphone: Schemes or “wire-taps” that invade privacy in order to meet  out  “justice”.
Arachne/Uranus: Networks involving computers (e.g. internet)

 Keywords for the asteroids are provided at Martha Wescott’s website [2].

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