Saturday, 4 March 2017

Pisces solar eclipse heals sense of separateness

The percentage of hate crimes against US Muslims is way up. They may be the most hated people in America because, understandably, so much publicity is given to the acts of extremist Muslims, even though they are a tiny minority of the 1.6 billion in the world, as of 2010. But what about the majority — the moderates? We think you should know about a few of their acts too:
Sometime during the weekend before Monday, February 20, in a Jewish cemetery just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, 180 gravestones were vandalized. Within 24 hours of this desecration, Islamic activists went to work raising money online to repair the damage. Soon they raised a great deal of money. About two-thirds came from Muslims, and the remainder came from Jews. As of February 26, they had raised about $130,000 — far more than needed to repair the damage, and far more than expected. One of the activists involved, Tarek El-Messidi, said they vowed to use the remaining money strictly when needed — to counter anti-Semitism.

To understand the cosmic reason behind this happy event, we look at the chart for the Feb. 26 solar eclipse at St. Louis, Missouri . Notice that the eclipse is not only anchored to the T-square but that it also places the T on the meridian axis thereby suggesting that it has chosen this place for the release of its energy. In previous posts we have seen many examples of  negative expressions of the T-square. Here we see a positive example.

Astrologer Ralfee Finn describes the challenge of the current period thus:

I best understand the complexity of our current condition as a spiritual crisis, and while its material manifestations are many—political and social chaos; racial, gender, and economic polarization; as well as panic, despair, confusion, anxiety, anger, and depression. At its core, the madness that surrounds us is a manifestation of a spiritual emergency. The soul sickness, which we always knew was there but managed to deny, consciously or unconsciously, self-medicating in as many ways as possible with the hope that it will just cure itself, can no longer be denied. And the clarity of that realization—the glaring illumination and reality of a powerful, victimizing shadow—has the power to terrify but also the power to provoke tremendous healing. But it’s important to understand that as the structures of daily life dissolve and the safety nets disappear, we are being given a list of all the places where social justice—love at the level of the collective—needs to be more thoroughly applied. 

Those who have been paying attention to personal and planetary transformation through an astrological lens have known for quite some time that a crisis was coming. But not many were able to predict the current devastation, and very few predicted the awakening that would occur as a result. Millions of people are seizing this moment by taking personal responsibility and participating in a spiritual revolution that has as its core a genuine concern for all their fellow travelers, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or species. Our shared humanity is awakened by a shared threat to our survival, and we will not be numbed again despite all efforts to contain our reactions.

In her commentary, Ralfee Finn has made no mention of how she arrived at her conclusions so let us try and see if we can find  the explanation in the eclipse chart. In terms of the tropical zodiac, the eclipse is in Pisces (8Pi). Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings. They  offer us an opportunity to leave behind old behaviors and belief systems. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces leads us to our ultimate experience of oneness with the Divine. In the Pisces ocean we experience our inherent unity with all life and all existence. Our separateness disappears as we merge with the One. Pisces opens our minds to the ultimate truth that we are all inherently part of the Divine and all equal in the grand scheme of the Universe.

Secondly, the eclipse is placed amidst the stars in the flowing waters of Aquarius’s Urn. Here the great Urn of Aquarius, with its eternally-flowing, all-forgiving waters of heaven, purifies and heals. Souls here must make a choice whether to remain aloof to the anguish of others (or cause it!), or to learn sensitivity and compassion through their own painful experiences, becoming “wounded healers” who develop an impulse to help and restore.

Now let us look at the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square. The Uranus-Pluto square has been the dominating configuration for the last few years.  Tarnas observed the following: “…eras in which Uranus and Pluto were in axial alignment” correlated with “widespread radical and political social change and often destructive upheaval, massive empowerment of revolutionary and rebellious impulses”. To this Jupiter in Libra is now adding a voice of sanity asking us to consider the concerns of others.

The Pluto initiation process is intended to create empowerment. The Uranus process is intended to create awakening and freedom. This means that every disempowering belief and fear is being brought to awareness to be transformed. The intent of  Uranus and Pluto together is to create Empowered Awakening and Freedom. This combination often radically changes our perception of this reality and adds to our ability to connect with possibilities we might not have even imagined before now.

For this to happen, everything that is not resonating with the empowered evolutionary possibilities of Awakening and Freedom are surfacing to be transformed. This transformative process is often messy and chaotic, as we move from the current fear based patriarchal model that operates in duality and separation and grow towards a global awakening of unity consciousness, including the realization that we are all connected, we are all fingers on the same hand [2].

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