Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Popular folk singer Kalika Prasad dies in accident

Pegasus and the Muses - Scott Gustafson

Popular Bengali folk music singer Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya died in a road accident at Palsit in West Bengal’s Burdwan district on Tuesday. He was 56. A senior district police officer said Bhattacharya was travelling along with four members of his Bangla band, ‘Dohar’, when their SUV was hit from behind by a truck on NH 2 and fell into a shallow waterbody. Mar.7 https://goo.gl/f0GfpA

Eclipses have been associated with the death of prominent people. Here we will see how the February 26 eclipse at Calcutta portends the death of a famous singer.

The eclipse is placed in the 5th house  conjunct kappa Pegasi [9pi] in the Flying Horse’s forefoot. Among other things, the 5th house rules the arts and music [1].The Flying Horse Pegasus was beloved by the Muses because he created the Hippocrene Spring at Mount Helicon (where they sang and danced)  by stamping his hoof upon a rock, producing a gush of water that was said to bring poetic inspiration. Diana Rosenberg notes that the stars of Pegasus are prominent in the charts of experts in folkore, mythology and music.

Notice that the eclipse is anchored through hard aspects to the Jupiter-Pluto-Mars-Uranus T-square. This is a violent combination linked to accidents. But more interesting is the fact that Mars and Uranus are conjunct the asteroid Phaethon which rules cars and other modes of transport so that it turns out to be a car accident in which the singer died.

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