Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Ryancare Is A ‘Bailout For The Insurance Industry’

The number one thing in Obamacare that Republicans are supposed to be opposed to is the individual mandate. Requiring people to buy insurance and fining them if they don’t was a massive power grab by government. Repealing Obamacare was supposed to eliminate that power, but Paul Ryan’s Obamacare-lite bill – now referred to as Ryancare – doesn’t exactly repeal the individual mandate outright. Instead, Ryancare forces individuals to pay a 30% increase directly to the insurance companies if their coverage lapses. Rand Paul is diametrically opposed to this corporate welfare and has labeled the new individual mandate as a bailout for the insurance industry.  https://goo.gl/3hkTpS

Is Paul Ryan willingly or unwillingly part of a setup to bailout the insurance industry? From his horoscope [1] it would appear so. His current most important solar arc direction is “Progressed Sun opposite radix Pluto”.  Pluto is in Virgo – a sign connected with healthcare. Natal Pluto [27vi] is  trine  the medical  asteroid Askalaphus [28cp] and conjunct the asteroid Industria [26vi]. The two together refer to the health industry. Moreover Pluto is conjunct the star Benatnash. About this star, Nick Fiorenza [2] writes:

Benatnash articulates the administrative aspects of governments and big-business political-religious figureheads. The Arabic name for Benetnasch is Alkaid, which means "the leader." Benetnasch teaches us that leadership is about facilitating the self-empowerment and freedom of others rather than about exerting manipulative force that controls others, mistaken as leadership and being in a position of power.

World powers functioning under the old totalitarian (Benatnash) directive have over and again demonstrated the inability to ensure the safe evolution of Earth and humanity by perpetuating continual upheavals, wars, and destruction of the peoples of the Earth throughout the ages. Also conjoining Benatnash, just into sidereal Virgo is Zavijava, which is of the innocent but naive followers of the manipulative egoic figureheads, following the self-proclaimed political religious gurus of the world.

Finally, we note that transit Saturn [27sa] is currently square Ryan’s natal Pluto [27vi]. This transit is urging him to monitor any negative qualities of Pluto, especially not to abuse power.

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