Monday, 27 March 2017

Solar eclipse and the 'largest undeveloped' oil find in UK waters

An oil exploration firm has made what it has described as the "largest undeveloped discovery" of oil in UK waters. Hurricane Energy said one billion barrels of recoverable oil could be contained within the Greater Lancaster Area, 60 miles (97km) west of Shetland. The company hopes to begin production in 2019.  March 27

The chart for the solar eclipse of February 26 at Shetland is shown here. Notice that it is conjunct Neptune (oil) and  is anchored by hard aspects to the  Jupiter-Uranus (lucky break) opposition on the meridian axis.  Also Neptune [10pi]  is conjunct zeta Aquarii [9pi]. This was a star in the Arabic lunar mansion Al Sa'd al Ahbiyah, “The Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places”. 

Now if we progress the eclipse chart to March 27, the date of the news, the progressed descendant conjoins the eclipse triggering the configuration into manifestation.

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