Friday, 21 April 2017

Blackouts hit LA, New York and San Francisco

Power outages hit Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, leaving commuters stranded and traffic backed up Friday. About 90,000 customers were affected in San Francisco. While the outages occurred around the same time there is no evidence they were connected or coordinated. April 21

This news offers us an opportunity to understand  how an event occurring in two different and widely separated places can be explained  using mundane astrology. Those of us who jump to making a chart for the exact time that the outage occurred (7:20 am, NY) may be disappointed to find no clues. Think of this as trying to tell the time by looking at the “second hand” of the clock. The appropriate method is always to look at the “hour hand” which can be an ingress chart, an eclipse chart, a lunation chart , a planetary station chart etc. On April 20, just a day before the event Pluto stationed to go retrograde. This was the important event that connected the incidents of power outage in the three cities.

For New York we will look at the Mercury station retrograde chart of April 9. Notice that it has the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square on the angles. Here Jupiter is conjunct the stars of Corvus, the Raven which Diana Rosenberg links to “electricity” . In addition we know that Uranus rules electricity. On April 20, Pluto on the IC stationed retrograde giving this chart a kind of  kick start and thereby activating it.

For San Francisco we look at the sidereal Aries Ingress chart while for Los Angeles the tropical Aries Ingress chart is sufficient.  

Notice that both carry the same Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square on the angles. And as we said before, here too the trigger came from Pluto stationing retrograde on April 20 – a planetary event worldwide in its scope focused its energy through the relevant mundane charts.

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