Friday, 28 April 2017

Female clerics issue rare child marriage fatwa

Andromeda and Sea-Monster Cetus

Female clerics on Thursday issued an unprecedented fatwa against child marriage in Indonesia in a bid to stop young girls becoming brides in the world's most populous Muslim country. The fatwa - which is influential among Muslims but not legally binding - came at the end of an extraordinary three-day conference of female Islamic clerics: a rare example of women assuming a lead role in religious affairs in this mostly-Muslim country. Indonesia has one of the worst records for under-age marriage - its high number of child brides puts it among the top 10 countries worldwide - and it is common for girls to marry before they turn 18. Thursday's fatwa, or religious edict, called underage marriage "harmful" and said its prevention was mandatory. April 27

This news is best understood if we start with the chart of the February 27 solar eclipse drawn for Cirebon, Indonesia where the first major gathering of female Muslim clerics took place on Thursday, April 27.

Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings. How dramatic these changes can be and in what areas are affected  is a function of star alignments and house position of the eclipse.  They  bring emphasis to issues related to the chart area and planets involved. Here the eclipse is placed in the 5th house associated with children. It is conjunct the star Skat.  Skat which  marks the shinbone of the waterbearer is of philanthropic organizations focused on projects for the nourishment of an evolved human society. It  inspires action in support of a healthy and prosperous future, and brings hope for wishes fulfilled.

This South Node Aquarius Lunar Eclipse impels us to relinquish antiquated patterns of behavior, as a populous and as groups in that populous, about how to better the world, to think outside the box and to allow alternative paths to be realized. It brings emphasis to healing and nurturing the human condition in new, but practical and grounded ways, and it impels us to reset our focus upon these issues [1].

Since the eclipse aspects the Jupiter-Uranus opposition we need to factor in its influence. This combination is associated with advancements and breakthroughs from limiting situations.  Here Uranus is conjunct stars of  Cetus the sea-monster, the chained Princess Andromeda and her father King Cepheus. The sea-monster symbolizes the primitive chaos from which human civilization emerged. King Cepheus represents the cultural head of a primitive society whose archaic rules hold his daughter Princess Andromeda (the next generation)  in bondage.  Opposite Uranus is  Jupiter in tropical Libra – the sign associated with relationships and marriage so that here we are dealing with primitive rules of marriage that have kept young girls in a kind of bondage.  This South Node solar eclipse is therefore asking us to relinquish  antiquated patterns that limit the freedom of our children.

To test whether the eclipse is active on April 27, all we need to do is progress the eclipse chart to this date. When we do this we find that the Jupiter-Uranus opposition aligns with the meridian thereby triggering the eclipse to which it is anchored.

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