Monday, 10 April 2017

G7 meeting seeks new sanctions on Russia

The UK is pushing G7 countries to collectively impose new sanctions on Russia if it does not cut ties with Bashar al-Assad amid the ongoing conflict in Syria. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson wants “very punitive sanctions” for the chemical attack. A paper on sanctions has been prepared for a G7 meeting which begins in Italy on Monday. April 10

Quite often it is possible to understand the essential principle driving a major event if we can identify a mundane chart that is active on the day of the event. The G7 meeting at Lucca, Italy is best understood through the lens of the  solar eclipse of September 2016. A chart for the eclipse has the prominent T-square anchored through hard aspects to the horizon axis at Lucca.

The solar eclipse fell on the stars Thuban of Draco and Alioth of the Great Bear. Draco, the Dragon is a fierce creature that links to authoritarian control while the Great Bear (*) is a caring and nurturing force. In his blogpost on the eclipse lunar cycle entitled “New Directions”  Nick Fiorenza writes:

Thuban of Draco, in the far northern heavens, just north of Alioth of the Great Bear, was Earth’s pole star circa 2800 BCE, a point in Earth’s ~25,000-year “evolutionary cycle of the soul” at which time a turning and fractioning occurred in the hierarchical powers governing Earth. This dramatized the separation between those choosing to fight for a greater evolutionary vision and those wanting to maintain totalitarian control of the Earth. Alignments with Thuban can imply responsibility for having directed the evolutionary affairs of life on Earth during that period with repercussions incurred at soul level, and with responsibility to ensure evolutionary fulfillment now.

This New Moon eclipse and lunar cycle is about personal and global leadership, transcendent evolutionary currents, and the use of personal will to direct our evolutionary course with impetus to reassess changing conditions and to change our tack in life accordingly to reach our desired destinations.

This New Moon, on the North Lunar Node, lies opposite retrograde Neptune on the South Lunar Node, creating a potent T-square to Saturn, which still conjoins the red supergiant star Antares. This creates a strong resonance not only to the theme of the Saturn-Neptune square, but also creates a strong stimulus for Saturn to express, which can manifest as the overt expression of established authoritarian power, especially in the big-business of politics. It also impels movement from the south to north node energetics, which means movement from antiquated ideals, veils of illusion and unfulfilled dreams of the past to the new directions and opportunities the eclipse inspires.

There are several standard ways of progressing mundane  charts. Among these are the solar quotidian method, the PSSR method and the Wynn Key method. For our purposes here we will use the Wynn Key Method. The progressed Ascendant of the eclipse chart on April 10, 2017 using this method is 8sa17  conjunct Saturn [10sa] and square the eclipse luminaries [9vi]. In other words the eclipse is triggered on this day so that the essence of the eclipse discussed here is the hidden backdrop to the G7 meeting.

* Incidentally, Russia’s national symbol is the Bear

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