Saturday, 29 April 2017

Intimacy – and why it makes for better love and sex

Boötes-Virgo: The Divine Couple

Is there anything we still need to know about sex? Apparently, yes: and the missing ingredient is a gamechanger not just for individuals, but entire nations. Sex has been centre-stage in western culture for decades, but what has been absent, according to Adam Wilder, creator of the world’s first Festival of Togetherness, is the magic element that makes it all meaningful. “The holy grail,” he says, “is intimacy. Intimacy’s the real taboo in our society – it’s the thing we fear, because it’s about taking off the mask that so many of us hide behind. But it’s the key to being freer, happier and more alive and it could change not only our personal lives, but the political decisions we take as a society.”

The world’s first Festival of Togetherness will be held in central London on 20-21 May. To better understand the astrology behind this news, I take my readers back to the last solar eclipse of February 27. At London, the eclipse is placed in the 8th house of sex and intimacy. Traditional astrology  relates the eighth house to crisis, hidden matters, anguish of mind, poison and deadly fears…actually  inhibiting factors that stand in our way of intimacy [1]. We then notice that the eclipse makes hard aspects to the Jupiter-Uranus opposition placed significantly on the MC. Here Jupiter is conjunct the stars Archturus and Spica. About these stars Nick Fiorenza writes:

Boötes, who is of pure intent, is the Virgin's consort and protector. Boötes stands directly over this creative process exemplified by the Virgin giving birth. Archturus is the primary star of Boötes. Conjoining is Nekar, his head. Archturus lies directly over and conjoins Spica, the base chakra (Vesica Pisces) of the Virgin, the vessel of life. (a symbol of sexual union)

The Archturus-Spica (Boötes-Virgo) synthesis also exemplifies the masculine and feminine in their unadulterated Divine Union, able to express, birth, and manifest the purest expression of Unity Consciousness. The Archturus-Spica synthesis articulates the entwined masculine and feminine forces spiraling into their full potential. It impels these two forces to work in balance, wholeness, harmony and unity on Earth. Spica inspires intimacy in our relations and education regarding the gestation and formation of life, to be pro-active to ensure life's continuation and harmonious and bountiful fulfillment.

Finally, if we progress the eclipse chart to May 20, the day the Festival of Togetherness begins we notice that the progressed horizon aligns with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition triggering the entire eclipse configuration. So what is the eclipse chart saying? It is emphasizing the need to overcome fears that prevent true intimacy as exemplified by the Divine couple Archturus and Spica.

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