Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Man loses legs to flesh-eating bug

A MELBOURNE man has had both legs amputated, and faces a real risk of losing his arms, after he was bitten by a white-tailed spider in Western Victoria. Terry Pareja was visiting family in Birchip when he was bitten, but it wasn’t until his leg started to swell 24 hours later he realised something was wrong. There was no doctor available in the tiny town of 662 people — and by the time he sought medical help on Monday, flesh-eating bacteria had taken hold. His right leg was amputated in emergency surgery at Horsham, and he was flown to the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne to have his left leg removed. Desperate family members have set up a Gofundme page to help pay for his rapidly accumulating medication and hospital bills.  April 5

The solar eclipse chart  of September 1, 2016 will help explain this unfortunate incident. At Melbourne, the eclipse is placed in the 6th house linked to illness and medical issues. It forms a T-square with Saturn-Neptune, a combination that Ebertin links to “organic decomposition”. On the MC [22sa]  is the star Leasth [24sa] in the sting of the Scorpion.  Diana Rosenberg links Leasth with “insect attacks or bites” and adds that it can be toxemic (infection prone).

Now if we progress the eclipse chart to April 5, the date of the news, notice that the eclipse T-square aligns with the meridian and is thereby triggered.

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