Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Miscommunication causes US armada to go off course

WASHINGTON  — A US supercarrier deployed by President Donald Trump to deter North Korea did not reach the Sea of Japan because White House and Department of Defense officials failed to communicate effectively, media reported.

It was  reported on 8 April that the US Navy’s Carl Vinson strike group was headed towards the Korean peninsula, as a deterrence measure [1]. This was just as Mercury was stationing to go retrograde. 

As individuals, we tend to communicate differently during Mercury Retrograde and Mercury Direct cycles. The natural state of Mercury during those Retrograde cycles is inverted, which means that our energetic tendency can be to communicate (Mercury) less directly with our outer world, and to focus on considerations of the inner reflective (Retrograde) world. The well-known tendency toward miscommunication during Mercury Retrograde periods, and the inevitable frustrations that can bring, is the result of our pull toward introspection during that ‘exhale’ part of the information and learning cycle. Energetically speaking, Mercury Retrograde is a time to process information, not gather it, so communicating (in both directions) can be a challenge during these times. That is, unless we acknowledge the opportunity of new perspectives we are being presented [2].

 A chart for the station at Washington DC  has a Jupiter-Zeus-Uranus-Pluto T-square on the angles. Bill Herbst has linked the Uranus-Pluto square  to “War and Violence” [3].

Moreover, Pluto on the IC  is amidst stars of the Archer and  the Eagle. The image above depicts symbolically how the ancients saw this area.   The Archer’s bow takes aim at a target and shoots off his arrow.  The Eagle associated with the military in general but more specifically with the air force combines with the Archer to produce a perfect symbol for a military aircraft firing its missiles.

On the MC is the star Canopus and nu Puppis of Argo, the Celestial Ship. When we combine the two images here is it too difficult to see an aircraft carrier headed for war?

[3] Uranus-Pluto: War and Violence

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