Saturday, 8 April 2017

Roman Settlement Discovered Under Britain's Longest Road

Construction work to upgrade Britain's longest road into a major highway has revealed a treasure trove of rare artifacts from one of the earliest and wealthiest Roman settlements in the country. The findings include ancient shoes, cups, a rare silver ring, keys, a high-relief glass bowl and an elaborately carved amber figurine, archaeologists with the public group Historic England announced yesterday (April 6). Archaeologists uncovered the artifacts in North Yorkshire along the A1, which stretches 410 miles (660 kilometers) from London to Edinburgh, Scotland, during a major project to improve the existing roadway.  April 7

The study of cycles is essential to fully comprehend how history synchs with the cosmic dance of the planets. Jupiter-Uranus cycles have been associated with expansion and advancement.  Astrologer Ed Tamplin explains the connection of Jupiter-Uranus cycles with advancement in transport.

Transport was an area of human advancement that felt the ingenious Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 1886. That year, horse-drawn carts in Great Britain, Austria-Hungary, Germany and France carried 900 million passengers alone. But the global model of transport was to change dramatically from July 3, 1886, when Karl Benz unveiled the first successful gasoline-propelled vehicle.

The current solar eclipse of February 26 at York has the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square aligned with the meridian and in hard aspect to the eclipse which is conjunct Mercury, the lord of the 3rd house. Both Mercury and the third house are linked to roads and transportation [1].

As Pluto travels through Capricorn, we often realize that  the structures that support our human lives on the planet – roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings – are decaying and in need of repair [2].
The eclipse [8pi] is conjunct the star gamma (γ) Aquarius, Sadalachbia[7pi] . Sadachbia, from Al Sa'd al Ahbiyah (now called Sadalachbia)  has been interpreted  as the Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding-places [3] so that archaeological discovery is rightfully under this star.

Finally, we know that eclipses are activated when progressed angles move over them. On April 6 this is exactly what happened when the progressed descendant  conjoined the eclipse degree.

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