Friday, 14 April 2017

Sexual abuse at elite US school

Ganymede abducted by Zeus

Students at an elite boarding school in the US were sexually abused by at least 12 members of staff over a period of four decades, according to a report. Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, which includes former President John F Kennedy among its alumni, published the findings following an investigation. Allegations of abuse dating from the 1960s were handled internally at the school, the report said. The school acknowledged the findings, adding: "We profoundly apologise." April 15

This incident is best understood through the lens of the sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart drawn for Wallingford, CT, where Choate Rosemary Hall is located. Not only is  the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Sun T-square aligned with the meridian but additionally  we have a square from Saturn in the 5th to a Mars-Venus in the 8th.  The 5th house rules young people as well as schools and educational institutions [1]. Venus-Mars is a combination associated with sexual activity. When combined with Saturn which represents older authority figures we get the picture of sexual abuse of children by those in charge. Venus  is also conjunct stars of Aquarius. Aquarius was Ganymede – a naked youth kidnapped by Zeus. Diana Rosenberg links this area with “sexual pedophilia”.

If we now progress the ingress chart to April 15, the date of the news, the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Sun T-square aligned with the meridian now reaches the horizon axis and is thereby triggered. Uranus [20ar] is placed among the stars of King Cepheus and the chained Princess Andromeda. This is an area that Diana Rosenberg links to father-daughter issues including possible incest. But more generally, the King can stand for any authority figure to whom a younger person has to submit. With Jupiter opposite Uranus, there arises the possibility of a lucky break or the opportunity (Jupiter) to bring to light (Uranus) what was scandalous or hidden (Pluto). Here we may also recall that Pluto was the mythological god who had abducted Persephone.

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