Monday, 29 May 2017

All-Out Corbyn Victory Likely?

The political ground has begun to shift. Consequently, within a single week, Labour’s support jumped by 8 percentage points. With the polls narrowing, Labour has everything to play for. This has set the “nerves jangling in Tory high command”, says the Tory-supporting Sunday Times. A minister said May should “quickly change the subject from the manifesto — a lot of which is a kick in the teeth for voters”. The now rattled “stable and strong” Theresa May herself tweeted: “If I lose just six seats I will lose this election.”  May 28

A chart for the last solar eclipse at London will help explain, the core issue in the June 8 election. The eclipse was anchored through hard aspects to the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T  aligned very significantly with the meridian. An afflicted Uranus in the 10th is an indicator of  sudden changes in Government.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition in the February eclipse horoscope in a T-Square alignment with Pluto, with Mars in a tight conjunction with Uranus indicates the disruption Deep-State politics of influencing and manipulating anti-democratic coalitions in a covert manner within the political system, for ensuring specific interests of the elite are met within the seemingly democratic framework. It is the pervasive influence of special and private interest operating within government that continues to centralize power and wealth through excessive taxation (by non-responsive government) and the continuing curtailment of civil liberties. The eclipse will likely bring out revelations that makes the general public aware that the real enemy of “We the People” is the so-called Deep State. Politically, a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square alignment is historically linked with major reversals in power in leadership often due to scandalous revelations and political shakeups.

The general tenor of Uranus-Pluto alignments is revolution – the Dionysian (Pluto) impulse for revolutionary empowerment, Promethean (Uranus) thrust for radical change and innovative reform to establish a new order. Uranus-Pluto alignments have historically correlated with periods of social breakdown and the collapse of old forms and structures as potent instinctual forces emerge from within the collective that are stronger than the existing power structure to contain it.

If we now progress the eclipse chart by the solar quotidian method to June 8, the date of the election,  the Jupiter-Uranus opposition aligns with the horizon, thereby triggering the eclipse configuration on that date bringing to bear the issues highlighted above. Does that mean that the Tories will lose? Not necessarily. The energies of the configuration require an awakened/ receptive electorate to translate it into a Labour victory.  All we can say is that the cosmic energies favour a revolution and while a revolution is a fairly good possibility it is in no way a certainty.

As Steven Forrest explains in his excellent newsletter: The Perils of Astrological Prediction

“I think the idea that ‘astrologers can see the future’ has done us nothing but harm. We cannot see the future! Probabilities . . .yes – that's why our predictions are often correct. Questions and issues, certainly – there is the heart of our craft.  What do we actually see when we gaze into the crystal ball of astrology? One good answer might be probabilities. What are some better answers?
Questions.  Possibilities.  Potentials.  Warnings.  The best answer, in my opinion:Your Path.  The Dharma.  The Great Tao.  The Will of God.


  1. Hi Mozaffar, Thanks for referencing my blog posts on the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square and the Uranus-Pluto alignments. -William Stickevers

    1. Hi William: You are most welcome! I should be thanking you for the insightful articles on your site. Please keep up the good work.