Friday, 12 May 2017

Astrology of the massive ransomware infection

A massive cyber-attack using tools believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency has struck organisations around the world. Computers in thousands of locations have been locked by a programme that demands $300 (£230) in Bitcoin. In April hackers known as The Shadow Brokers claimed to have stolen the tools and released them online. Microsoft released a patch for the vulnerability in March, but many systems may not have been updated. May 12

A horoscope for the World Wide Web [1] from Astro-databank is reproduced here. The table below gives the current solar arc progressions for the MC.  Progressions of the Sun, Ascendant and MC  form a distinct category of their own which we can refer to figuratively as the “hour hand” of the cosmic clock.

Dynamic Chart :
 WWW - Natal Chart
 6 Aug 1991, 4:00 pm, +0:00
 Geneva Switzerland, 46°N12', 006°E09'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns planets

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date                Pos1                  Pos2      

MC (11)      Cnj                 Plu (11)      (X)                  Sa-Na            17 Aug 2017    17°Sc35' D            17°Sc35' D
MC (11)      Sxt                 Nod (1)       (X)                  Sa-Na            18 Nov 2018   18°Sc47' D             18°Cp47' D

*** END REPORT ***

Here Pluto is in tropical Scorpio – a sign known for aggressiveness , malicious and vindictive acts symbolized by the sting of Scorpion. Pluto is sextile the Node and transit Pluto is now conjunct the Node. Delineations for the combinations are as below:

Pluto-Node : the common destiny of a large mass of people. When negative – a tragic destiny. (Reinhold Ebertin)

MC-Pluto:  “dirty tricks” and experiences that are felt as final, irrevocable, relentless and threatening; to be aware of  examples of power plays, ultimatums and intensity in world events. (Martha Wescott)

So if MC to Pluto is the “hour hand” what served as the “minute hand”  on May 12 to set off the important directions mentioned above? Well just two days before on May 10, the Full Moon [20sc] fell within just three degrees of radix Pluto [17sc] setting it off like a bomb waiting to explode!

Finally, according to security software company Avast , an increase in activity of the malware was noticed starting from 8am CET (07:00 GMT) Friday. A chart for this moment at Geneva, the birthplace of the WWW, has Mars-Neptune-Moon T-square straddling the meridian. Mars-Neptune is not only  interpreted as “malicious action” but in medical astrologly is linked to an infection that weakens a person. We can understand that symbolically as an infection affecting the health of the WWW. (Notice that the in the WWW horoscope radix Mars [13vi] is at the empty leg of the Mars-Neptune-Moon T.)

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