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Astrology of Trump’s visit to Israel

The anxiety seeping into the Israeli right wing ahead of Donald Trump’s visit is comparable only to the euphoria that gripped it when the ostensible master deal maker was elected U.S. president. What Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett and his political cohorts saw as the realization of a dream of generations turned into a potential nightmare. A bevy of politicians from the right and left were in the United States this week, some in Washington, others in New York, for the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference. They schmoozed with legislators and administration officials, and their impressions were similar − something big is about to happen in our region. Grampa Donald is cooking up something, but nobody knows what’s in the pot.

In mundane astrology, the cardinal ingresses of the Sun are of utmost importance. Of these the Sun’s entry into Capricorn is considered by many to be the “master chart” of the year. Presented here is the Capricorn ingress chart  at Tel  Aviv, Israel. With the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square straddling the angles, this chart becomes extremely significant. The following extract [1] from Astrobarry explains the potential of the T.

Ever since it entered Libra back in September, Jupiter has been progressing into a T-square formation with Uranus and Pluto, with all three now positioned in cardinal signs. A T-square consists of two planets opposing one another, with each simultaneously squaring a third planet.

This cardinal T-square between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto remains our biggest astrological influence through the first three-quarters of '17. The Uranus-Pluto square's interpretive field should be rather 'old-hat' to us at this point. What's different now is the participation of a third planetary player-Jupiter in Libra-adding a distinct voice to the ongoing discussion between Uranus and Pluto. Jupiter's additional voice presents us the possibility of opening up to new alternatives for how to concurrently address both Uranus-in-Aries's liberatory impulses and Pluto-in-Capricorn's authority-structure shadow-work. But, sorry to say, Jupiter will not force us to embrace bigger-and-better solutions; it merely fosters a climate in which the efforts we intentionally make to actively create such alternatives will receive benefic support from Jupiter. It's just as likely that, without our mindful directional steering of its energy toward particular aims, Jupiter will instead simply magnify the Uranus-Pluto dynamics already in play  injecting a blast of hot air that fans the flames of rebellion and provides the institutional power-agents instructive fodder for how to best engineer their self-preservationist reactions.

Jupiter in Libra holds the promise of enhancing our capacity to weigh both sides of an equation, to advocate for fairness over domination, and to gracefully negotiate win-win solutions where all parties gain something while giving something else up. These are some of Libra's finest qualities, and Jupiter's presence there beckons us to invest greater enthusiasm and broad-sweeping vision in such approaches, as a counterbalance to both impetuous one-sided action in the name of unspecific 'change' (Uranus in Aries) and covert authoritarian dealings which seek to strengthen and secure existing status-quos by any means necessary (Pluto in Capricorn).

In squaring Pluto, Jupiter in Libra seeks to interrupt the strategies and stances which we've long relied on to provide us guiding structure, stability, and/or a sense of purpose. Why? Because, if we look closely at what we've come to accept as 'the system' or 'just the way things are', we can't help but notice some floorboards are rotting, maybe the whole foundation itself is compromised revealing where certain important considerations are now falling through the cracks, and/or collateral consequences from prior schemes have accumulated to an intolerable level.

Jupiter in Libra welcomes us to openly engage in dialogue about what's broken, with the various stakeholders whose needs currently aren't being effectively met and/or who might have some novel suggestions for how to improve or refine the governing master-plan so it better addresses the divergent concerns of a wider audience. For Pluto-in-Capricorn architectures and authorities that are willing to dialogue-with full knowledge that such discussions could become quite intense or difficult-to-stomach, due to the criticality of owning one's blind-spots, trouble-zones, and power-abuses-this is an opportunity to improve how they're managing their longer-term life-investments.
Of course, not all Pluto-in-Capricorn representatives will wish to compromise their existing command-of-power (even if it ultimately would serve them to adapt in the name of surer sustainability). That would mean giving up a position of dominance and/or certain perks that come with it, just so others can get more of what they want. It might even involve taking accountability for past actions which ignored, undervalued, or oppressed someone else's cares, as a means to more self-serving ends.

In such situations where Pluto isn't sincere about deconstructing and/or diffusing its power-status, Jupiter-in-Libra's calls to collaborate towards fairer conditions are likely to met with apparent enthusiasm for it strengthens Pluto's foothold to seem amenable to Jupiter's mission, participating in a dialogue in order to quell the outside party's dissatisfaction, all the while co-opting the discourse for its own underhanded motives. In other words, we act like we're interested in learning how to better honor others' concerns, then stealthily scheme to use what we learn to help us further fortify our already-established rank. Under this Jupiter-Pluto square, existing power dynamics may be re-inscribed by neutralizing the rival voices-with their very own language as a tool.

Similarly, Jupiter's opposition to Uranus presents us a chance to deescalate any urge to haphazardly disrupt customary practices and/or destroy all semblance of tradition, in the single-minded pursuit of liberatory change. But to do that, we must make conciliatory efforts which both honor these zealous change-making impulses and simultaneously interject conscious consideration of the 'other side' and its well-being. What potentially troublesome side-effects might our crudest acts of resistance or rebellion unleash? How might our own shows of freedom-loving self-regard actually harm someone else's ability to meet their needs? What are we not seeing? And do we care?

Readers will be able to see  how perfectly applicable the above extract is to  the long standing  Middle East problem. On May 22, when Trump arrives in Tel Aviv, the progressed Capricorn ingress angles once again align with the T-square  highlighting that date as one opportunity to resolve the problem  but as as explained above only if the parties concerned act honestly.

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