Friday, 5 May 2017

Haruki Murakami - Men Without Women

A quiet panic afflicts the male characters in Hemingway’s 1927 collection Men Without Women, that touchstone in the development of both Hemingwayism and the short story. Men should never put themselves in the position where they can lose someone, a bereaved Italian soldier warns Hemingway’s long-running protagonist Nick Adams: instead, a man “should find things he cannot lose”. Ninety years later, Haruki Murakami’s men without women have come to the same conclusion, polishing it into a postmodern lifestyle. April 5

The Guardian’s review of Haruki Murakami’s  works on men without women has been published at the First Quarter Moon. A chart for the phase at London has Saturn [27sa] on the MC in hard aspect to the Sun-Moon. Saturn is also square Venus. ( Incidentally Murakami (b. 12 Jan.1949) has transit Saturn [27sa] conjunct his radix Venus [28sa]).  

According to Liz Green in Saturn: An New Look at  A Old Devil “Venus Saturn combinations imply a certain amount of emotional pain in the early home life” it suggests lack of affection or direct appreciation for who the child is as an individual according to Greene. She further goes on to write about Venus Saturn contacts “These are people whose emotional growth has been stunted in childhood”. Sometimes you find a Venus/Saturn person so devastated by a first love or heartbreak they cut themselves off vowing to never let anyone hurt them again. Ultimately Saturn lessons involve; learning how to let people in, learning how to trust, learning to forgive people for not being 100% of what you want them to be; no one can meet that requirement. 

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