Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Memorial DAZE!

"May 29, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - My neighbor is a Vietnam vet suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. He is in his early 70s and looks at least 10 years older. In and out of hospitals with lapses in memory, the guy still maintains a ' gung ho ' Amerikan exceptionalist mindset. Will he ever learn the truth about how his life and that of millions of others, military and civilian, was damaged or destroyed by our country? On Monday he will both display and salute our flag, the one that the Military Industrial Empire had hijacked long ago. With the exception of WW2, Memorial Day will be an endless bunch of hogwash celebrations and remembrances to honor men and women who dutifully followed orders while never questioning the evil ones who controlled them. Ignorance is most certainly bliss! http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47148.htm

This insightful article by Phillip Farruggio appears on Memorial Day just a day after the Crescent Moon. A chart for the Moon phase at Washington DC has the Mars-Saturn opposition forming a square with the meridian. Mars-Saturn is often  linked to the military because Mars’ violence (often unthinking) is devoted to serving the interest of the state symbolized by Saturn.  Moreover, here Mars is conjunct the star Saiph, kappa Orion – the constellation of the Warrior.

On the MC [24vi] are  the stars Benetnasch of Ursa Major and Zavijava of Virgo. About these stars Nick Fiorenza writes:

Benetnasch means “hired mourners.” Reinhold Ebertin reported that primary planetary transits to Benetnasch are often associated with claiming human lives through calamities, and thus of death and mourning. Benetnasch is of a long-established totalitarian governing paradigm—generally of a patriarchal nature. It articulates the administrative aspects of governments and the political-religious factions of big-business and their figureheads. 

It is of leadership that dictates what is right for people and what they should do by using dramatic and diversionary propaganda. Conjoining Benetnash is Zavijava, which lies nearly on the ecliptic. Although a star of Virgo, Zavijava lies outside the realm of Virgo proper, before the head of the Virgin. It does not offer the clarity and purity of awareness common to the rest of the Virgo stars. Zavijava is of a passive and submissive character, articulating the blind and naïve followers of the Benetnash directive / big business and government. These are most often innocent naive unquestioning people who get swayed by the diversionary dramatics of their manipulative leaders and believe in the miss-information they are being fed.

This extract tells us how mindless citizens are drafted into the military to serve the agenda of a totalitarian government.

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