Thursday, 18 May 2017

‘Moon Wobble’ hits New York

A vehicle has driven on to a crowded pavement in New York City's Times Square, reportedly killing one person and injuring several others. The driver is in custody and the area has been sealed off, according to the New York Police Department. At least 13 patients were being treated at the scene, according to the New York Fire Department. The vehicle reportedly jumped the kerb at 7th Avenue and 45th St near the city's popular tourist spot.

The Nasdaq on Wednesday saw its worst one-day decline since the day after U.K.’s vote to exit from the European Union rattled markets, as turmoil in Washington cast doubt on President Donald Trump’s pro-growth agenda that had helped to drive stocks to records.

Two unrelated events but with a cosmic connection.  Today’s  Last Quarter Moon chart at New York has the Sun-Moon –Nodes  forming a T that straddles the horizon axis.  This is what is called a Moon Wobble. For details see the previous post [1]. Under Moon Wobble, accidents are frequent  and so is an eruption of unconscious energies. Collectives can overreact to issues. Market swings are a result of such public emotional reaction to news.

It is reported [2] that the New York accident took place  near W. 43rd St. about 12:15 p.m. A chart for the event has the Sun-Moon-Node T-square on the horizon axis confirming the influence of the Moon Wobble!

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