Thursday, 11 May 2017

South Korea may choose peace over war

South Korea elected Moon Jae-in, a human rights lawyer who favors dialogue with North Korea, as president on Tuesday, returning the nation’s liberals to power after nearly a decade in the political wilderness and setting up a potential rift with the United States over the North’s nuclear weapons program.His election immediately scrambles the geopolitics over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. Even as the Trump administration urges the world to step up pressure on Pyongyang, it now faces the prospect of a critical ally — one with the most at stake in any conflict with the North — breaking ranks and adopting a more conciliatory approach.
Mr. Moon has argued that Washington’s reliance on sanctions and pressure has been ineffective and that it is time to give engagement and dialogue with the North another chance, an approach favored by China. He has also called for a review of the Pentagon’s deployment of an antimissile defense system in South Korea that the Chinese government has denounced.  May 9

The heartening news from South Korea comes just a couple of days before  the Full Moon. A chart for the Moon phase at Seoul is shown here. Notice that the Full Moon axis forms a T-square with the meridian implying that it is significant for the place. The Moon is placed in tropical Scorpio amid stars of the Serpent and the scales of Libra. Both Scorpio and the Serpent hint at a desire for war and revenge while the Scales of Libra promote balance, justice and peace. It is for this reason that many here champion peace in an environment where hostility prevails.  Indeed the Sabian symbol [1] for the Full Moon degree [21 Scorpio] bears this out.

Keynote: Refusing to go to battle, the soldier chooses peace over war.

In addition we note that the Mars-Neptune square straddles the horizon. Here Neptune dissolves, tempers or transcends Mars’ aggressiveness or desire for war.

As students of astrology, we must never forget that every element of a chart can be relevant and add some detail to the big picture. Here conjunct the Ascendant and Mars is the star Tabit. Pi3 (π3) Orion, Tabit [12ge], is the northern star in the Hunter or Warrior. It is  one of a number of pi stars on his shield  that is held in his left hand (see image).

In the last few days, South Korea has installed a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD – a shield to protect itself from missile attacks. The missile shield is  facing criticism from  South Koreans worried about Chinese economic retaliation as well as some environmental and safety concerns. And now that South Korea’s pro-THAAD president has been impeached, THAAD’s future could be in jeopardy exactly what one would expect from Neptune’s weakening action on Mars’ aggressiveness.

[1] List of all 360 Sabian Symbols - Astrology Weekly

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