Sunday, 14 May 2017

Theresa May’s campaign is a sham

An unexpected bystander took a behind the scenes snap of Theresa May that reduces her campaign to a sham. Launching May's 'battlebus', the Conservatives set up a number of photos for the media. Media outlets such as The Telegraph lapped up the pictures. But a bystander caught the reality, which was a whole lot different. The photo appears to show a handful of Conservative Party activists stage-managed to convey a crowd of ordinary locals. This is not an isolated incident, but indicative of May's entire campaign. Across the country, from Harrow, to Bristol, to Cornwall, only nodding faithfuls are allowed into May's events.

In the previous post  today we saw how the Saturn-Neptune square in  the solar eclipse of September 1, 2016 at London explains the action of the “accidental hero” who halted (Saturn) the spread of the ransomware virus (Neptune).  Understood symbolically, Saturn’s  action on Neptune is about  the uncovering of “lies”. The following extract from Ralfee Finn summarizes how Saturn works on Neptune.

This solar eclipse has the potential to be exceptionally powerful because it forms a T-Square to the final exact square between Saturn and Neptune on September 10. The ongoing square between Saturn and Neptune has been and continues to be about knowing the difference between fact and fiction. At worst, under the influence of this solar eclipse those already committed to veiling the truth will be spreading even more stories intended to distract, bamboozle and manipulate already agitated emotional bodies. Consider it an extended, endless episode of Wag the Dog. At best, this eclipse could reveal previously hidden information with the power to clarify muddy waters and provide vital details. And this is not just in the political arena. The power of this T-square is sure to be felt in individual lives. So if you’ve been telling tales to yourself or others or living a lie, get ready for a reckoning.

As in the previous post the solar eclipse chart progressed to September 13, the date of the news, brings the eclipse T-square to an alignment with the progressed horizon axis at Northumberland where Theresa May’s lies are exposed!

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