Wednesday, 24 May 2017

UC Berkeley professor fired for sexual harassment

The University of California has fired a professor who was accused of sexually harassing multiple students, nearly two years after campus investigators first concluded he had made unwanted advances and violated school policies. The dismissal of assistant professor Blake Wentworth – who sued the women who filed harassment complaints against him – marks a rare instance of termination of a faculty member accused of sexual misconduct at the prestigious public university. May 24

Shown here is the chart for the exact Venus-Pluto square drawn for Berkeley, CA. The Venus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square  is significant for the place since it straddles the horizon axis. In a previous post [1] on the same combination we wrote:

Venus-Pluto squares are well known to be connected to sexual harassment or violation while Jupiter rules religious people like a priest or a swami.

Jupiter also rules college professors- essentially mentors and teachers of all kinds so that the current example is quite similar to the previous one.

[1] Kerala Woman Cuts Off Godman's Genitals

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