Thursday, 25 May 2017

US prisoner exonerated after 24 years

A Philadelphia man has been exonerated and freed from prison 24 years after he was found guilty of a murder he did not commit. Shaurn Thomas, 43, was released after the Philadelphia District Attorney's office agreed that the evidence did not support the conviction. Mr. Thomas, who was 19 when found guilty, maintained all along he was at another court hearing during the crime. "I feel wonderful," he said as he left the prison. He hugged his fiancee and family outside the jail in Frackville, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday evening.

One of the tools used routinely in mundane astrology are charts  for important planetary aspects. Such charts  become relevant for a place if significant planetary combinations make aspects to the angles. Here is the chart for the Venus-Jupiter opposition drawn for Frackville, Pennsylvania. Notice that the opposition aligns with the meridian and forms a T with Pluto at the apex.

Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. The Aries-Capricorn square reflects  the struggle between the rights of an individual and the power of the state.  Pluto in Capricorn is a reminder that the power of state may have been used arbitrarily and with not much thought for the individuals affected by the exercise of that power. Also Venus in Aries is conjunct the stars Alpheratz, alpha (α) Andromeda  and Alderamin, alpha (α) Cepheus. About these stars Nick Fiorenza writes:

Alpheratz, head (psyche) of the princess, is unadulterated, innocent, naive, uncorrupted by evil, wrong-doing or malice. Alignments with Alpheratz can indicate being caught in the power plays unconsciously created by the arrogance or denials of others. Alpheratz can also indicate our vulnerability to the emotional and psychic delusions of others… it asks us to get un-entangled from the human psycho-emotional drama, or accept a sentence of bondage not rightfully ours. Alderamin, the principal star of Cepheus, is the right shoulder of king Cepheus, often portraying one in an authoritative position, and holds a quality of authoritative responsibility. With afflicted alignments, Alderamin can expresses as denial, avoidance, or turning one's head from dealing with the manipulative power plays causing our or other people's entrapment, and a flippant attitude to do anything about them. Alderamin ultimately comes to aid, but often after an initial aloofness. Alpheratz and Alderamin amalgamate to form a fortunate outcome.

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