Monday, 8 May 2017

World’s biggest plane gets new lease of life


Tucked away in a small section of a Soviet era air base on the outskirts of Kiev is the flagship aircraft of the legendary Antonov design bureau. A one-off masterpiece of engineering designed and built during the 1980s in the waning days of the USSR. The Soviet Union’s Antonov An-225 was designed to transport the Buran space shuttle. It still flies sporadically today – but a Chinese plan could give it a new lease of life. In 2016, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AICC), a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense company, signed a cooperation agreement with Antonov for the An-225 program. If it goes through as planned, the skies could soon be flooded by a fleet of Chinese built An-225s.  May 5.

A chart for the last solar eclipse of February 26 will help explain this news. Notice that the eclipse took place on the descendant at Kiev, suggesting that it was affecting the place very significantly. The eclipse [8pi12] is conjunct the star kappa Pegasi [9pi] in the constellation Pegasus, the Flying Horse – here a metaphor for a modern commercial aircraft. It is also  anchored through hard aspects to the  Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square . Among other things, Jupiter-Uranus is about technological breakthroughs.  The use of the An-225 as a proper in-air launch platform for spacecrafts would certainly be a major technological advance.

Snake renewing itself

On the IC [24sc] of the chart  is the star epsilon Serpentis [24sc]. Serpents because of their  ability to shed their skins and grow new ones are linked to the powers of regeneration and change.  If the proposed plans go through the An-225 will certainly be renewing itself like the serpent!

To make sure that eclipse chart is indeed activated on May 5, the date of the news, we can progress this chart to this date. When we do this we find that the Jupiter-Uranus opposition aligns with the progressed horizon triggering the eclipse into manifestation.

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