Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Mechanism for Erasing Memories Was Just Discovered

Mnemosyne  Greco-Roman mosaic from Antioch C2nd A.D.

If you had the chance to erase your worst, most painful memories, would you do it? New research published in the journal Current Biology by neuroscientists from the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and McGill University suggests that this may someday be possible, bringing us closer to the reality of manipulating the recollection of our pasts. June 23

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important  mundane events.  Shown here is the chart for the  Cancer Ingress of the Sun drawn for New York, the location of the Columbia University Medical Center. The research findings were published on the very day of the ingress. Notice that it carries a Sun-Mercury-Saturn opposition on the meridian. On the IC, conjunct the Sun and Mercury, is the asteroid Mnemosyne.  Mnemosyne is the source of the word mnemonic, the personification of memory in Greek mythology. A Titanide, or Titaness, she was the daughter of the Titans Uranus and Gaia.

On the MC, conjunct Saturn is the Galactic Center. About the GC, Philip Sedgwick [1] writes:

The Galactic Center recently received verification that it contains a black hole as its center. The resulting energy squeeze emits a wide array of powerful radiation, most notably infrared (IFR) in this instance. This Infrared energy pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward. The energetic crowding process pushes out mentally/emotionally stored data to clear space for new information to enter both the conscious and subconscious minds.

The opposition is therefore referring to the need to release memories that are inhibiting growth.

[1] The Galactic Center - Philip Sedgwick

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