Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Cardinal Pell: Vatican treasurer charged with sex offences

The Vatican treasurer and Australia's most senior Catholic figure Cardinal George Pell has been charged with sex offences in Australia. The charges relate to alleged "historical" incidents, police in the state of Victoria said. The allegations were made by more than one person, said Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton. The cardinal would be required to face the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on 18 July, Deputy Commissioner Patton said.

A New Moon begins a cycle during which its central theme unfolds. It is especially significant for those places where it occurs on the horizon or meridian. The current New Moon [2cn47] took place on June 24 and was placed on the MC at Melbourne, Australia. It was conjunct the star Tejat [3cn40] in the foot of Castor of the Gemini Twins. About this star, Nick Fiorenza writes:

Tejat portends eminence and renown, and will make visible that which has been suppressed, oppressed, hidden in the closet, but destined to be seen.

We notice that the New Moon is part of a stellium on the MC which contains the TNPs Kronos-Hades trine the TNP Poseidon. Martha Wescott provides the following interpretations:

Hades-Poseidon: to be aware of religious personnel who are involved in ugly or criminal activities.

Kronos-Poseidon: Religious leaders.



In ancient China, Tejat and several other accompanying stars were part of an asterism Tsing, The Well. Under this asterism, the Chinese dug new wells and cleaned and reinforced the old ones to assure clean water.By extension it referred to the cleansing of crime, moral uprightness, law and order.

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