Sunday, 11 June 2017

Donald Trump and the Total Solar Eclipse

On August 21st of this year, the United States will witness its first total solar eclipse seen across the totality of the country in nearly forty years. For millennia, humans have gazed towards the skies in awe, observing that heavenly bodies move regularly and predictably with mathematical certainty, and this has inspired poets, philosophers, and other thinkers to ruminate on man’s relationship to the universe, and the possibility that human activity is ruled by laws and patterns independent of human activity.
Although many of these ideas that were fashionable hundreds of years ago, such as astrology, have been put to rest by contemporary scientific knowledge, perhaps there is value to be gleaned from entertaining the possibility that there are indeed larger forces and patterns governing human affairs. Against the backdrop of this cosmically anomalous event, are we on the cusp of a more temporal form of disruption this summer in the United States?

Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings. How dramatic these changes can be and in what areas of our lives is a function of star alignments and other aspecting planets occurring at the time of the eclipse, and where they occur in our natal chart. They can have a far greater effect in our lives when they conjoin other natal planets and personal points by ±6°.

In mundane astrology, the affairs of a nation are often judged using the horoscope of the ruler. The birthchart of Donald Trump as provided by Astro-Databank [1] is reproduced here. An  AA Rodden rating implies we can rely on the accuracy of the data. The Ascendant i.e. First House cusp is 29le58. The solar eclipse of August 21 falls at 28le52 with just a degree of his Ascendant. Conjunct his Ascendant is his natal Mars [26le48]. 

Both the Ascendant and Mars are conjunct the stars Regulus and Adhafera, Algieba , Al Jabhah in the Lion’s mane! Among other things the Ascendant rules physical appearance – recall  his much talked about hair style!! About the stars in this area, Nick Fiorenza writes:

The head of the Lion is composed of several stars and actually extends from Algenubi, the Eye of the Lion and Rasalas, which marks the forehead of the Lion, which lie in late sidereal Cancer, to Adhafera, the mane, and Algeibia, which conjoins Regulus, the Heart or essence of the Leo. The Lion is looking from Leo back across the cusp into Cancer (much like those on a performing arts stage would be looking toward their audience. Subra, the front paw of the Lion lies on the cusp of sidereal Leo.

Adhafera, the Lion's main and Al Jabhah, Eta Leo, conjoin the themes of Alphard, Suhail Al Muhlif, and the Pup-A Supernova Remnant. Here we might think more in terms of what is hidden by the mane, the brain or mind of the Lion, the Lion's persona and how the Lion thinks—perhaps with a sense of aloneness yet with audacious confidence and pride. These stars inspire prominence from a willingness to stand alone.

Alphard, Alpha Hydra, is the "Solitary One." Alphard inspires us to step away from the comfort and security of the accepted and agreed upon consensus defining our known reality, to walk a lone path. It asks us to risk our reputations, our work, our lives, and our beliefs, driven by the passion within our hearts, to find new answers to the challenges that we face in out pursuits. Alphard, in conjunction with the head and main of the Lion, is often of those who, for one reason or another, have self-exiled themselves from the norm, who stand alone, or are willing to, yet who create new ways that the masses would not otherwise pursue.

An eclipse in the first house strongly involves a sense of self. You may experience a desire to firm up your stance by claiming "I am" with self-defining acts or plans. In more extreme cases, it might mean the end to an entanglement that's muddled your sense of self.

Putting the pieces together, the eclipse falling on Trump’s Ascendant can potentially release him from all the obstruction created by the Deep State so that the “Lion”  can pursue  new ways that others before him could not. We can only hope that he is enlightened enough to go in the right direction!

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