Friday, 30 June 2017

For sale: India's loss-making national airline

India's struggling, debt-ridden national airline could soon be in private hands. The government has agreed "in principle" to sell its stake in Air India, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced late Wednesday (June 28). A special committee headed by Jaitley will now work out the details, including who can bid for the airline and how big a stake the government wants to sell.  June 29

The news comes to us just as the Moon is about to enter its First Quarter phase on July 1. A chart for the Moon phase at Delhi is shown here. The Sun and Moon straddle the meridian. Notice that the Sun forms a stellium  with Hades-Kronos-Mars-Mercury and Ascendant all opposite Pluto. The delineation for the various combinations is given below:

Hades-Pluto: problems and decline through debt; to see that a decline now requires radical changes. (Combined with Kronos: Pressures through debt and general deterioration is felt by the government or leadership.)

The following extract from a previous post [1] delineates Hades-Kronos:

The TNP Kronos is linked to altitude and  flights and by association to aircrafts while  keywords for the TNP Hades are faults or deterioration so that  Hades-Kronos can be thought  of  “cracks in aircrafts”.

The TNP Kronos is linked to aircrafts (and by extension to airlines) while Hades is linked to deterioration so that here we have an entire airline that is in trouble.

The First Quarter Phase is often referred to the phase where action is now required on the theme of the New Moon. The primary star conjunct the New Moon is Tejat. In ancient China, Tejat and several other accompanying stars were part of an asterism Tsing, The Well. Under this asterism, the Chinese dug new wells and cleaned and reinforced the old ones to assure clean water. By extension, it refers  to the need to remove decay and deterioration in all its forms.

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