Friday, 2 June 2017

Manila Casino deaths

At least 34 bodies have been found in a casino and hotel complex in Manila after a shooting incident by a lone gunman. Most of the dead appear to have suffocated from thick smoke after the man set fire to casino tables, sources told local media. Authorities said the man, who has yet to be named, entered the casino shortly after midnight and began shooting at television screens with an assault rifle, sending terrified patrons fleeing.  June 2

The chart for the event has the just separating First Quarter Moon forming a T-square with Neptune on the angles. The Moon is conjunct the star Zosma, delta Leo, which Diana Rosenberg links to “danger from gas and toxic chemicals”.  But the event chart is at best the “second hand” of the cosmic clock. What would constitute the “hour hand”?  Well it could be any of the major mundane charts e.g. an ingress chart, an eclipse chart or even a major planetary aspect chart etc.

If we go back in time a conjunction of Mars and Saturn took place on August 24, 2016. The conjunction was closely square Neptune.  Progressing the chart to June 2, 2017 brings the configuration to an alignment with the angles thereby triggering it. The second trigger comes from  transit Sun forming a T-square with the Mars-Saturn-Neptune conjunction.

 Ebertin gives the following delineation for Mars-Saturn-Neptune:

A paralysis of the muscles belonging to the breathing mechanism. Death through suffocation. Undermining of vitality through poison or gas.

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